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Together, we can ensure that everyone receives the support they need during the challenging aftermath of losing a loved one. We believe in the strength of collaboration, which is why we partner with NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Care Providers, charities, and other organisations to achieve our vision: emphasising Trust, Transparency, and Compassion in bereavement.

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Funeral Experts

At Funeral Experts, we’re really proud to have pioneered Liverpool as the first ever “Compassion in Bereavement” city. We have partnered with Liverpool University Hospitals Foundation Trust and Liverpool City council to provide trust, openness and compassion for anyone grieving a loss. Our free online platform and UK Funeral Advice Centre are there to guide families through all the funeral planning. Our comprehensive directory empowers people to make educated choices about funeral services, holding their hand every step of the way.

We’re making sure the bereaved get crucial vulnerability support by creating strong partnerships nationwide. Is your community next for “Compassion in Bereavement”? Join our mission by collaborating with us – we’re looking for local authorities, hospitals and organisations invested in excellent bereavement care. Together, we’ll build a network offering compassionate guidance, resources and support through the whole journey of loss. Partner up with us, and help take this vital support everywhere it needs to go.

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Funeral Directors

Exclusive Liverpool City Council and Liverpool University Hospitals partnership.

Our directory listings are not sponsored or biased. For multi-branch funeral homes, we provide clear nested listings to simplify the choice process for families during this difficult time.

Save money on traditional ‘upfront and hope’ advertising by joining Funeral Experts who will ensure you speak to those in most need.

Receive access to a dedicated portal to enable you to manage your data, leads and membership.

Day-to-day business support from our growing list of partners, with a view to bring innovation and cost-savings to your business.

Dedicated partnership manager to support you throughout.

Control over pricing, where you will have the ability to set monthly referral limits.

Only pay for the leads you receive.

NHS Trusts

Funeral Experts provides independent, impartial funeral advice – proudly pioneering “Compassion in Bereavement” with our Liverpool partners. But our mission doesn’t stop there. We’re committed to forming ongoing relationships with NHS trusts like yours to extend our compassionate bereavement guidance nationwide.

When the unimaginable loss of a loved one occurs, your community deserves access to supportive resources during those extraordinarily difficult times. Our trusted expertise guides families through funeral planning while our extensive service directory empowers informed choices – all with trust, transparency and compassion.

Join us in creating a “Compassion in Bereavement” community for your area. Together, we can ensure comprehensive, compassionate support is available to anyone needing help after tragic loss. Reach out today to explore a partnership with Funeral Experts.

Our NHS Trust partners

Local Authorities

At Funeral Experts, we understand the immense difficulties families face after losing a loved one. That’s why we’ve pioneered the “Compassion in Bereavement” initiative, partnering with authorities like Liverpool City Council to guide grieving residents every step of the way.

Our free, impartial advice service helps families navigate funeral planning through an online platform and UK-based call center. Our extensive directory lists funeral providers clearly and transparently, empowering informed choices.

But we don’t stop there. Funeral Experts is dedicated to building long-term relationships with local councils like yours to expand our compassionate reach. Let’s collaborate to make your community a “Compassion in Bereavement” area providing a vital support network offering trusted guidance from initial loss through healing, resources tailored to your unique needs, and optional grief counseling and group assistance.

No family should face tragedy alone. Partner with us to provide the compassionate space, advice and care your residents deserve during bereavement. Reach out today to discuss bringing “Compassion in Bereavement” and its indispensable services to your area.

Our Local Authority partners

Charities and other organisations

At Funeral Experts, we’re all about supporting families through the unimaginable heartbreak of losing a loved one. That’s why we will strive to ensure we bring “Compassion in Bereavement” to every community, teaming up with organisations to make sure no one has to face grief alone.

Our free, impartial advice service guides families through the funeral planning process online and through our Funeral Advice Centre. Our extensive directory lists funeral providers transparently, so families can make well-informed decisions.

But we want to do more and that’s where organisations like yours come in. We’re aiming to uplift entire communities with comprehensive bereavement care tailored to each family’s needs and we need your help to achieve this. If your organisation can help to support anyone experiencing bereavement, we would love to hear form you. Together, we can become the trusted place that families can turn to in their time of need.

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