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Alongside arranging a funeral, we know there is a lot more to think about when someone has died. Funeral Experts aim to provide the support you need when you need it most. Here are just a few of the ways we can support you.

Bereavement Support

The death of someone close can be emotionally devastating, with the grieving process taking a significant toll on our daily lives and ability to cope. Each person experiences and works through grief in their own unique way. At Funeral Experts, we understand the struggles that come after a profound loss. Our aim is to ensure you receive compassionate, individualised support tailored to your specific needs during this incredibly difficult period.

Bereavement support

Paying for a funeral

For anyone faced with arranging a funeral, it can be an upsetting and daunting experience. Added to that you may be faced with worrying about how to pay for the funeral. Funeral Experts will support you to explore the options that may be available to you. This support can include how to trace a funeral plan, welfare benefits such as the Funeral Expenses Payment and Bereavement Support Payment, and grants that may be available to help you with funeral costs.

Paying for a funeral

Notification of a death

Notifying all the necessary organisations after soemone close to you has died can be emotionally draining, especially amidst the grief and stress you’re already experiencing. Our compassionate team is here to guide you through the process of who needs to be informed and the most efficient ways to do so. We offer services like Tell Us Once and other notification platforms that allow you to contact multiple companies and organisations in one step, free of charge. Let us support you during this difficult time by streamlining these communications so you can focus on healing.

Death notification

Probate and Estate administration

You may find you have been left to deal with someone’s estate after they have died. This normally means dealing with all their assets (such as property and personal possessions) and liabilities (such as outstanding debts) before transferring whatever is left to the beneficiaries. At what is often already a difficult and stressful time, why not let us ease the burden. Our proud partner, Kings Court Trust can support you with probate and estate administration with compassion and empathy, ensuring they are with you every step of the way.

Probate and Estate management


The loss of a loved one may have prompted you to contemplate matters you’ve never had to consider before, such as creating a will. Even if you don’t have extensive assets or wealth, making a will is an important step to ensure your final wishes are carried out after you’re gone. Having a legally valid will can provide invaluable guidance and make the process much easier for your loved ones during an already stressful and emotional time. We are proud to provide specialist support with our partner organisation. Contact us at Funeral Experts now and we can refer you for specialist advice and support.


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Funeral Advice Centre

When online resources aren't enough, Funeral Experts provides unique personalised support from our compassionate bereavement advisors. Our specially trained team offers expertise on funeral arrangements coupled with empathetic guidance tailored to your specific situation. From benefits and probate advice to checklists on next steps, we provide the caring support and tools you need during this difficult time. You don't have to go through this alone.

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Online comparison tool

Making funeral arrangements during grief can be overwhelming. Funeral Experts' innovative online search tool is designed to ease this burden on families. Simply enter your location and type of funeral to receive a comprehensive, impartial list of local funeral homes with key details like pricing, services, and reviews to help you to make your selection. We do not include any sponsored listings or biases, just transparency to help you to make the right choices.

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Choosing a funeral director

This guide aims to provide an overview of things to consider when choosing a funeral director.

Choosing a funeral director

Arranging a funeral

This guide is designed to walk you through the funeral planning process step-by-step to help you consider all of your options.

Arranging a funeral

Direct cremation?

Guidance on what a direct cremation is and how it works if you are considering this as an option.

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