Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions. Don't worry, if you can't find the answer to your question here, our friendly team can answer any questions you have. Call us on 0333 0912 490.

Funeral Experts

Why choose Funeral Experts?

We are completely independent and impartial and strive to ensure that you are provided with the expert advice and support you need to make the right choices when arranging a funeral. Our support doesn’t stop there. Why not visit our 'Additional support' page to find out more about the services we can help you with.

Is there a charge to use any of the services provided by Funeral Experts?

All our services are completely free of charge to you and your family.

Can Funeral Experts recommend a funeral director?

Funeral Experts will will never recommend a funeral director. Funeral Experts will simply ensure you have the right information, including pricing and services to help you to pick the right funeral director in your area, ensuring we remain impartial and unbiased.

Prior to the funeral

Do I need to register the death prior to the funeral?

As a general rule, the death should be registered before proceeding with the funeral. However, there are exceptions for deaths under investigation by the coroner. In some cases, permission for burial may be granted before full registration, but this may not apply if cremation is planned.

Can I keep the body at home with me prior to the funeral?

Yes, you can although it may be helpful to get some advice around care of the body, especially if it will be at home for more than a few days.

Funeral arrangements

Can I change funeral directors once they have taken the body into care?

Yes, but you will likely have to pay fees such as transport of the body into funeral care if this has already occurred. Call our funeral advice centre for more advice.

Do we have to arrange for someone to carry the coffin?

If you are not able to provide friends or relatives to carry the coffin, you can ask the funeral director to provide pallbearers to carry it for you.

Is it worth shopping around if I want to use a funeral director?

Yes, in fact it is recommended to get at least two quites to ensure you get the right value for money as prices can vary. between funeral directors. Let Funeral Experts help you using our online comparison tool , or call us to speak to one of our Funeral Experts.

Is there any help available to help me with paying for the funeral?

Check out our page 'Paying for a funeral' which will go throguh some options that might be available, or why not call our Funeral Experts .

Welfare benefits

Can you check if I would be eligible for a Funeral Expenses Payment?

Yes, our compassionate bereavement advisors can carry out an eligibility check and can also support you to make an application.

Can your team advise me if I would be eligible for Bereavement Support Payment?

Yes, our team are trained to carry out an eligibility check and will support you with making an application.

I receive benefits and want to know how they will be affected after a death in the family?

Funeral experts will advise you how a death can impact any benefits you are currently receiving and can support you with making relevant change in circumstances notifications.

Paying for a funeral

Will a Funeral expenses Paymewnt cover the full cost of a funeral?

Unfortunately, it is not likely to cobver the full cost. However, you may be able to claim a grant on top of a Funeral Expenses Payment. Try the grant search now or call our Funeral Advice Centre.

Are there any grants available to help with paying for a funeral?

Yes, but there is often specific criteria to determine if you would be eligible. Chgeck out our guide on funeral Expenses Payment, and try out the grant search to check what options you might have available to you. You can always call our bereavement advisors who wiill support you.

Probate and estate management

What is probate?

Probate is the legal right to deal with someones property, money and possessions when they die.

Will I need probate if a will has been left?

Having a will has no bearing on whether probate is needed. Probate may still be require deven if there is a will.

For what scenarios will I need probate?

If the person who died owned a property , or had capital including money in their bank and it is in their sole name then probate will likely be needed. For money in a bank account it will depend on the amount.

What is the limit for money in an account to mean probate is required?

It depends on the bank, some banks will release funds without probate if below a certain amount but this can vary between banks. Usually most banks will release funds less than £5000 without probate and some will allow more.

Is there a charge to apply for probate?

If the value of the estate is above £5000 there is a fee of £273. There is no fee if it is below £5000, however, fees for legal representatives will be in addition. to the fees. You may be eligible for help with the fees if you are on a low income.

Can I apply for probate myself, without a solicitor?

Yes, you do not have to have a solicitor. You can apply yourself.

Can I get specialist advice on probate and estate management?

Yes, Funeral Experts has partnered with Kings Court Trust, our preferred provider of probate and estate administration services.