Losing a child is something that no parent should ever have to endure. In the midst of such profound grief, having to plan and pay for a funeral can feel like an overwhelming burden. This guide is designed to provide compassionate support by outlining how the Child Funeral Fund can help ease the financial burden.

The Children’s Funeral Fund in England can help cover some of the costs associated with funerals for children under 18 or stillborn babies after 24 weeks of pregnancy. Eligibility for this fund is not means-tested, meaning your income or savings will not affect what you receive.

The fund can help to pay for:

– Burial fees
– Cremation fees, including the doctor’s certificate cost
– Coffin, shroud or casket (up to £300)

The burial or cremation must take place in England to qualify.

If you use a funeral director, you will not need to make a claim as the funeral director will make a claim on your behalf. If you do not use a funeral direcotr, the cremation or burial provider will usually make a claim for the burial or cremation fees.

For any other funeral expenses beyond what the Children’s Funeral Fund covers, you may be able to apply for the Funeral Expenses Payment if you or your partner are receiving certain qualifying benefits. You may also qualify for financial support through a grant. Use our grant search to find out more.

If you need more advice or support, call our Funeral Advice Centre now on 0333 0912 490.