Using Our Comparison Tool 

Our goal is to offer those in need a simple, effective way of comparing funeral directors. 


Let us show you how to use our comparison tool.


So often once someone you love has died, you are inundated with family, friends and well-wishers offering advice and recommendation for which funeral director to choose. At this stage, you’re in a whirlwind of emotion, not sure what’s up or down, and it’s easy to be swept into choosing a funeral director based on this recommendation alone – without even thinking about what your own financial position might be, compared – say – to the person making the recommendation. 


And, while the funeral director recommended by your friend/relation/whoever may have been the best fit for them and their needs, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re best suited for you and yours. 


That’s where we come in.


We offer an independent, unbiased way of comparing funeral directors from the comfort and serenity of your own home. 

Tell us what your needs are, and we’ll show you funeral directors in your local area in order of:

– Cost (based on the legally-required Standardised Price List)

– Distance – from you, or from where your loved one is currently resting

Step One - Your Details

Step 1 - Your Details

When you use our comparison tool, this is the first page you’re greeted with – once you’ve clicked through to “Compare”.


This is the information we collect about you. Don’t worry, we will only make your information visible to the funeral director you choose.  

Step Two - Your Loved One's Details

Here, you’ll tell us a little bit about the person who has died. 

If you’re not sure about any of the information we’ve asked (it can sometimes be tough to think about what religion someone has if they weren’t practicing up to their death, for example), don’t worry. Your chosen funeral director will double-check all this information with you when you speak.

Step Three - Funeral Details

Step 3 - Let's get some detail...

Now we start to define what sort of funeral it is you’ve got in mind for your loved one. 


You’re not tied to any of the decisions you make here, but it’s a good starting point. If you’re confused by anything you’re being asked, use the helpful info in the ‘?’ bubbles. 


  • Will people be attending the funeral?
    You’ll recall from our “Do You Even Want a Funeral” post, you can separate out the ‘Service’ from the ‘Committal’. This question asks whether or not people will be attending the committal – a combined Service & Committal.

  • Maximum Budget
    This is a rough estimate, including the cost of the cremation/burial, and the funeral directors’ fees. 
    This won’t affect the quotes you’ll be shown, but it will help inform the chat you’ll have with your chosen funeral director a little way down the line. 

  • Type of Hearse
    As well as the standard motor hearse, some funeral directors offer specialist vehicles to transport your loved one. From horse-drawn carriage hearses, to motorbike hearses and vintage classic cars. This indicates whether or not you’d be interested in hearing more about these specialist vehicles.

  • Is Mourner Transport Required?
    Otherwise – do you need any limousines to pick you up before the funeral and take you home/to another venue after the service.

  • Funeral Leadership
    Do you want a minister/celebrant to lead the funeral service, or will you be taking the service yourself?

  • Type of Funeral
    A key decision. If you’re unsure, make sure you check out our “Burial or Cremation?” to assess the pros and cons… 

  • Finance Required?
    You may already know that your loved one has enough money in their account to pay the total cost of the funeral – or maybe just a substantial chunk. You may not know this, but the funeral bill is the first priority of any bills that need paying out of the deceased’s bank account. Your chosen funeral director will be able to tell you more, and about any other financial options that may be available to you. 

  • Type of Coffin
    Most of our readers will have never had to think about this question before in their lives. We’ll be doing a whole post on describing the different types of coffin, but for now, you can indicate a preference of the ones currently on offer. 




Important Note About "Funeral Details"

All of these “extra” features we’re thinking about in “Funeral Details” won’t form part of the quotes offered by funeral directors. At time of writing (September 2022), funeral directors are not required to provide a complete list of their services. They are only legally obligated to share the cost of a “standard” set of fees. These “standard” fees are what you’ll see when you use our comparison tool. 

Step Four - Funeral Location

Here you’ll have listed all of the local crematoria (if you’ve chosen a Cremation) and all the local cemeteries (if you’ve chosen a Burial). 


We’ve included the basic cost of each, and these will be reflected in the total funeral cost in the funeral directors results page, next… 

Step Five - Your Results

You can choose to display your Funeral Director results based on ‘Price’ (Low to High), or ‘Location’ (closest to furthest), based on your address or that of the person who has died. 

The results page collates local funeral directors’ CMA-legislated, Standardised Price List. The Competition and Markets Authority made it a legal requirement for Funeral Directors to list a standard catalogue of services that are offered by all funeral businesses. 


You tend to find that most funeral directors in an area will charge pretty similarly for their services generally, but will differ on the cost of individual components. Some funeral directors offer a higher quality coffin as standard, for example, and therefore may charge more for the “Coffin” element of their pricing. Some may have a newer fleet of vehicles, or have been trading for a longer time, so you’ll pay more for their experience and expertise. It’s important to take these factors into account, and think about what’s most important to you when making a decision as to what funeral director to choose. 

About helps you to compare funeral directors based on:

  • Their location
  • Their standardised fees 

We do not endorse or make recommendations about individual funeral directors, but we do offer you the tools to make those decisions yourself. 

We’ll guide you through the very first steps of any funeral arrangement, outlining the decisions you’ll have and the different options for each. We’ll help by:

  • By collecting yours and your loved ones’ details
  • Laying out the pros and cons between a burial or cremation
  • Offering the decisions you’ll make to help choose where you’d like the burial or cremation to happen
  • Working out what your preferred date and time for the funeral will be
  • Sharing the assessment tools you might use to choose which Funeral Director to entrust your funeral to

Our aim is to pair as many families as possible to the best funeral director for their individual needs. 

As much as we’re a funeral price comparison service, we also aim to educate the public on the funeral industry as a whole. When the time inevitably comes that the funeral industry is needed, our clients are well-equipped with the language and understanding they need to give their loved one the best funeral possible. 

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