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How to Arrange a Wake

Once the last song has been sung, the curtains have closed, the flowers have been seen, it’s hard to know what to do next. Here’s our guide on how to Arrange a Wake.

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About Eco Funerals

Take a breath, sit with us, and in this post we’ll give you some of the tools to assess which funeral director to entrust yourselves – and your loved one – with.

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How to Use Our Comparison Tool provide the bereaved with an independent means for choosing a funeral director based on budget, funeral service location and preferred date/time.

But how do you use the site? This week’s blog shows you how…

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Talking With Relatives

Most funeral directors would like to speak with ‘The Lead Mourner’; the family member that will sign-off on arrangements and act as their Client. That doesn’t mean the whole brood can’t be involved, though…

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Burial or Cremation?

Let’s now work out where you land on your preference between burial and cremation…

This article covers the topic of your loved ones’ final resting place. We’ll discuss – with sensitivity, of course – some of the practical elements of laying the deceased to rest. We aim to be as factual as possible, but you may find some of the terms used somewhat upsetting.

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