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A comparison service built around you

Our funeral comparison site has been developed hand-in-hand with Funeral Directors across the UK.

We have run research projects and spoken with various national industry bodies and directly with FD’s to ensure that what we have developed will suit your needs.


We have worked hard to develop a platform that supports you by delivering live leads with extensive supporting data, by supporting your compliance obligations and by growing your reach.


Not only that but all of our FD partners will be able to directly feed into our product development journey to ensure it always meets the changing needs of the industry.


We want you to be stakeholders and partners in our product’s evolution.

Funeral Director marketing


  • Out of the box future proof national organisation and regulatory compliance.
  • Ready-made funeral requirements without the need for face to face meetings.
  • Control of final order and customer payments.
  • Access to future enhancements which will streamline compliance reporting and arrangement process efficiency.
  • Capability to see requested arrangements outside the usual area of operation during periods of high availability.
  • Video conferencing (for an additional low fee).
  • Chance to influence the product development roadmap.
  • A growing list of APIs to enable integration with your existing internal management software.
  • Capability to participate in partner organisation funeral provisioning.

A marketing tool that delivers

Our Funeral Director comparison service has been designed to fit comfortably into any existing Funeral Director without the need for difficult technology or process changes.


We offer future-proofed compliance so you can be comfortable you are working with an industry recognised partner. Our ready-made funeral leads will be sent straight to you and you maintain the ability to up-sell.


You can manage your coverage to decide where to accept leads from, even beyond your current coverage area and we are also building a growing list of APIs to enable integration with various platforms you use in your daily operations.


In short, we provide a tech platform that fits your business and can quickly deliver increased enquiry volumes.  If you would like to learn more, get in touch.

Our platform

Our platform has been built to be agile, fast and robust.


The comparison service itself is integrated with Liverpool councils and Funeral Directors in the Liverpool area to deliver consistent, quick and insightful results for these organisations.  This enables Funeral Directors to receive significantly more leads in areas that they control and with minimal effort.  This will be rolled out nationally soon.


The service delivers options quickly for the consumer with a clear table of results showing location, price, services available. Funeral Directors can be assured of genuine, hot leads with a wealth of relevant details to help both the FD and the consumer.


Overall our platform delivers improved speed, flexibility, analytics and improved outcomes for consumers and Funeral Directors alike.

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