Funeral Experts

About us

Help individuals and Funeral Directors was founded to tackle two issues.


Firstly, at an already stressful time, individuals have no go to service to sort out funerals.  The industry has not modernized as many others have and so the consumer is left to wander the local high street or phone around many Funeral Directors.


This is a long and difficult process at a tough time and, even if it were fast, the consumer doesn’t really know what questions to ask and how to tell if the Funeral Director is reputable.


For Funeral Directors they are stuck getting limited leads through the same methods.  No mass market channel exists to bring business to them  in a smart, efficient and consistent way.


Funeral Experts
Flowers at a funeral

The solution

We have built the first technology platform that integrates with Funeral Directors across the UK.

This takes the familiar price comparison process that consumers have known for over 15 years and brings it into the funeral market.  The tool uses learnings from those comparison engines as well as consumer and Funeral Director input to deliver fast, accurate and transparent results to every user.

Cemetery and Cremation Operators will also benefit from the streamlined processes and we are able to support with national and local emergency and pandemic planning.

We are also future proofing the system with a growing list of API integrations and with continuous data insights and industry feedback processes.

With this drive to technology, efficiency and experience we are disrupting the funeral space for the benefit of consumers and Funeral Directors alike.